Political Activism

hilary-logo-landing_900x400When I watched Mr. Trump descend his golden escalator I thought: “This is going to take up a lot of my time.”  So I volunteered for the Hillary Campaign.

Aside from my work at Clinton High Command in Brooklyn, I got more involved….I wrote the articles on this site.  Some, like this, were very prescient, three months before the election. Given how things turned out (Bradley Effect, Evangelicals, KerryAnn’s November confiscation of Trump’s phone, etc) it is little consolation to have predicted the events.  For events like the Carrier Air Conditioner’s rescue, and larger problems with ethics, I sounded the alarm months in advance – though one needn’t have been a genius to predict that.

Most of my articles during this time were written to educate my moderate lefty readership of their ability to vote when many thought they couldn’t – felons, overseas Americans, postal voters, and affidavit voters. This was specifically to increase turnout on our side which was my, and the campaign’s, strategy. I became involved, unfortunately, with Wikileaks and its founder whom I went to university with in Australia.

I volunteered my time, expertise, Money, and wrote to preserve the progressive direction I feel is most equitable for our country and the human race.

I joined Hillary’s ill-named “Victory Counsel” – a team of great professionals despite being all attorneys. We were networking other progressive lawyers nationwide to attend and witness the polls to defend against any possible Trump-y shenanigans. I served on a voter help hotline to assist people with their registrations, polling places, receipts of postal votes, etc. We lost the election but not the fight – or the popular vote.

Be part of a political campaign if you can. If it feels this satisfying to have done what we did, despite the end result, imagine how it is going to feel when we win next time. You’ll meet kind people, you’ll make a difference, and learn so much about yourself and the world, and you’ll help us move forward: carefully and incrementally.

For years it seemed  like things were going OK for America – by all real fact metrics, especially compared to all other countries. In the election though, progressives, cultural change, and technology moved faster than many of our friends on the other side were comfortable with, in all sorts of directions. They wanted to take things slower, and some wanted to shift into reverse. But time is on our side so be part of Next Time if you can.

Because we’ll always be Stronger Together.



After the election I played with “Aussie” on the balcony:


Still, it’s not as bad as ending up as some guy who puts pictures of his pets up on the internet…..