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How Australia Avoided the Global Shift to the ‘Right’

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Author: David Anderson / Foreign Affairs / Published by: The Moderate Voice / US Politics

With Brexit blowing up in the Brits’ faces followed by an orange punishment emanating from Washington, there’s world-wide alarm about this global move to the right. We pay a lot of attention to hard right hooligans like Hungary’s Viktor Orban, Poland’s Jaroslaw Kaczynski, and Blondie Le Penn in France. We note as Canada and Spain keep their cool and stay the course, and hope that Angela Merkel can hold off the Putinite forces of the […]

Fear Of A Black Flag: The Islamic State’s Propaganda & Future

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Author: David Anderson / Foreign Affairs / Middle East / Published by: The Moderate Voice

Every country has its own propaganda stuff: its currency, passports, internet sites, and media to communicate its ideology. The Islamic State (IS or ISIS) is sort of a state: they think they are a “Caliphate” (which is slightly different), they control territory and like all states enforce their administration with a monopoly of violence within their borders. Analysts and scholars write about their ideology, today we examine their propaganda.

A Yemeni Catastrophe That is Being Totally Ignored

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Author: David Anderson / Middle East

If you live in New York or another large American city you might already know a Yemeni: there’s a good chance that one owns the deli you shop at every day in your neighborhood. When you have a moment, ask him about recent events in his country. Sit down and brace yourself as he’ll have a lot to say and it won’t be a happy talk. But pay attention, we’ll be hearing more about Yemen […]

The Limits of Fun

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Author: David Anderson / Foreign Affairs / Published by: The Moderate Voice

Who doesn’t like a theme park? There’s junk food, entertainment, rides and toys. Most have a steep price tag but it’s a fun day out with those we love the most: think Disneyland or Universal Orlando. Think again. Not all fun parks are as light-hearted or family values-compliant as those in the US. Let’s examine a few of the more extreme samples abroad: where politics meets fun.

Book Review: “Without You There Is No Us: Undercover Among the Sons of North Korea’s Elite,” by Suki Kim

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Author: David Anderson / Far East / Foreign Affairs / Published by: The Moderate Voice

Tourism to North Korea is possible, but as your reviewer wrote in Forbes lately, it’s a hazardous and horribly unethical destination. That said, Ms. Kim’s book is one of the most insightful reads a NK buff can use to explore from an armchair. Published in 2014, it could have been written yesterday: with the exceptions of a little stronger “capitalism” and more cell phones, nothing has changed. Ms. Kim’s year there

What’ll Happen in the Syria Civil War?

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Author: David Anderson / Middle East / Published by: Democracy Chronicles

The 15 year civil war in Lebanon last century can teach us about the future of the neighboring Syrian mess: they do look alike. Like Washington state-sized Syria, Connecticut-sized Lebanon was a French colony. Pre-WW2 manners dictated the British and French politely divide this “Levant” (as in ISIS/ISIL) area into colonies: the “lucky” Brits kept Palestine, later Israel, and Jordan. The French had Lebanon and larger Syria.