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DISCLAIMER:  This website is a intended  for editors and fellow attorneys only.  It is not a “blog” with a readership of its own.  I ask that people do not use it as such (e.g. please do not publish this site’s address publicly).  Instead, I ask that you re-post the articles themselves, and encourage the reputation and readership of the digital media I publish with.  Links are provided for the original publication at the bottom of all article entries.  

The Basics:   I am a 45 year old Australian-American attorney.    My background is in finance and law.  Recently I’ve written some things (see this website).

A Man in Full: I am a straight, middle-aged man living in a very gay part of town (Chelsea, New York).  I live above 8th  Ave in an apartment with my mini-Australian shepherd dog named “Aussie.” He is a lovable little guy who is also an atheist, and we spend time on the balcony (see pics).  I have an active social life and many talented, bright, and loyal friends from all walks of life.

Citizen of the World:   I’m lucky to have four citizenships.  Two are by birth and descent, I’m American by proud naturalization, and another investment-derived passport. I used to be a permanent resident of Japan where I also feel very at home. I’ve traveled to 35 countries, and hope to visit more.   Iran… I’m coming for YOU!

I like foreign languages. I speak (sometimes hilarious but decent) Japanese and Russian. I also had an honest shot at French (kissing and language) in high school, German at the subsidized Goethe Institute in Australia, and Arabic at the New School in Manhattan, all about a year or two. The last three weren’t my greatest hours.


This site is a catch-all for the topics which I am passionate about. I haven’t been a professional journalist for decades now – but I still write where I see something interesting, unjust, or funny. A few of my published writing samples which made a splash are linked in the pages within. I want to get people more engaged in the topics that are at the forefront of change, as well as motivate the conversation of our common direction.



Act 1: Finance

After temping for ages in D.C. and New York, my career began in finance.  In the mid-1990s I was a stockbroker and afterwards an investment banker in Venture Capital -Private Equity (Spencer Trask Securities). That was before Facebook and Zukerberg and Shark Tank when you had to explain what “Venture Capital” or “Private Equity” was.

In the 2000s,  I was a proprietary equities trader at several firms including Zahr Trading and the scandalous WorldCo – I didn’t cause the scandal. Zahr was located in the doomed World Trade Center. These events looked bad on my resume, and high frequency trading kind of killed all that.

I practiced law across several disciplines: in Legal Research and Criminal Defense in the courtrooms of Queens and Manhattan, as well as in Mergers & Acquisitions. The latter was for a firm I’ve helped or worked for since its founding in 1998 and continue to outside consult for; Innisfree M & A.  I’m proud to say the company was recently voted the best  M.& A firm on Wall Street for proxy solicitation and information agent/research by the Thomson Reuters Global Shareholder Activism Scorecard.

N.Y. State and Federal (Financial) Securities Licenses

I have passed the following securities/trading exams and was awarded licenses to –

  • Sell or trade other peoples’ money; securities (equity or debt), or commodities.   (Positions were bonded up to $1,000,000).
  • General Securities Representative Qualification Examination (GS)   SERIES 7
  • General Securities Representative Qualification Examination (GS)  SERIES 63
  • Uniform Investment Adviser Law Examination – SERIES 65
  • Proprietary Trader Examination (PT)  SERIES 56
  • Registered and qualified trader with NYMEX for options, futures, currencies, and commodities (metals, agriculture, petrochemicals, options, etc.)

Act 2: The Law

I studied law at night school until 2004 at  St. Johns University in Queens, New York. 

I was admitted to practice on April 4th, 2005, at the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of  New York.

Mergers & Acquisitions  

Pursuant to the founding of Innisfree M. & A. in New York, I have had nearly two decades of consulting experience with proxy solicitations and proxy fights, annual meetings, corporate actions, takeovers and mergers (friendly and contested/hostile), and securitip10-badges-a-20150224.jpges analysis (all equity).

Foreign Law

I spent Summer 2002 at Sekei Daigaku Univesity in 成蹊大学  Tokyo studying Japanese law under the auspices of Santa Clara University, CA, pursuant to my legal and Japanese language studies.  



My B.A. (Hon.) degree was in Middle East Politics, with a minor in Psychology from the University of Melbourne, Australia, and Georgetown University‘s School of Foreign Service in Washington, D.C.      

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